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Why this one?

31 Jan

In another world.

Another time.

Another life.

We could’ve been friends.

We could’ve been more.


Open Your Eyes.

23 Jan

I have several decisions to make in the next few weeks which have been consuming me recently. I aimed to get together a little money to save for University and by chance I managed to find, and get, a job that pays exceptionally well (for the amount of work) but which takes up a lot of time in my week. The job itself is brain-numbingly boring, and allows for a lot of thinking time. The people are good fun and make it bearable but about 12 weeks in and I’m seriously doubting whether I can hack it much longer. It’s the type of place where you consider chopping your arm off, just for something to do, and then end up weighing in the pro’s and cons of that situation and all its available consequences… before you look at the clock and realise its only five minutes since you last looked and you’ve still got another seven hours to go. Maybe I just think too much for a place like that; it is completely foreign to everything I’ve ever known. I’ve spent my whole life so far academically challenging myself and attaining good grades, yet for this life (one which many where I work have been content to continue for many decades)  the most important qualities required appears to be gossiping skills and a way to totally switch off, mind, body and soul.

If the aim of this world is to create educated citizens who are bright and well-informed then these jobs, which are absolutely necessary to the continuation of modern living, teaching and healthcare, are going to become very hard to fill. The only attraction at present is that with no education (something that we are drilled into connecting to a good career/money) this job allows an individual to make very good money. But in a well educated world I doubt many would need to fall into money traps like these. Every active mind where I work wants to escape, there is no challenge. The money aspect draws you in and keeps you there. So, with that said, if everyone was well-informed and educated, accessing the paths of life they wanted to, would anyone really chose an unchallenging and, for lack of other words, soul-destroying and boring job? And if that is the case, then these necessary jobs would remain, without people to fill them. But, as we all know, food needs to be collected and sent to places where they can be bought and eaten, medicines need to be made, packaged and sent to the right places. Cars, fuel, everyday objects would not be made/collected in the billions that they are now. And life as we know it would cease to be.

Is it not in the public interest then for the people who are caught in these money traps to continue to be caught? If Education is the escape from these type of jobs then perhaps educating all in the same way would be a disadvantage for all.  After all, someone has to do these jobs.  It’s a bit of a catch-22 situation for society, one without the other will never work. The people of my society like hierarchies, those who have power will rarely give it up and someone must always do the boring, menial tasks at the ‘bottom’ for the world around them to function to the desires of the ‘top’. So perhaps the aim is not to provide the same qualities of living for all, but instead to continue the attraction to these types of jobs so that life, in this modern era, can continue on in the same way. Is the ‘modern’ system purely a way to ensure the ‘good’ lives of the majority through the continued oppression of others? I thought we were meant to have moved beyond that.

Personally, I guess it depends what you put in and get out of any given situation. It doesn’t depend on the job, the educational background or your place in society, but what you make of each and every day you wake up on this earth. Perhaps in my eyes that job is boring and unchallenging, but in the eyes of another its enjoyable, their version of happiness and ambition fulfilled. Maybe I’m placing my feelings on others and misinterpreting their words and faces when they talk. And of course, it’s important to remember there is a lot worse out there, coupling this type of job with low wages, bad qualities of life, fear and obvious oppression – socially, politically, physically and mentally.

Makes my moaning seem irrelevant and ridiculous really, doesn’t it.

Time is Running Out!

1 Jan

If I’m sticking by my resolution then I have to post within the next twelve minutes (it being 23:48 here on the 1/1/11). However today I have very little to say, having used up my motivation whilst grafting my way through a seemingly long work shift with a sizeable hangover and less than five hours sleep. Many may be impressed. Not even work stopped me showing in the new year with some style.

The rest of my day was spent with the people I love and some friends who make my day, every day. Distance stops me seeing them as much as I’d like and that’s mainly due to this thing they call university. Although every time they come home it disrupts my adjustment to life without education and having them around, but I’d take that every day if it just meant catching up and hanging out, watching bad films and eating good food. My start to 2011, so far, has been a good one and I’m grateful for that.

My next post will be a little more insightful, tiredness calls me back into my bed and the time states I only have a few more minutes left before I break my resolution. But that’s not going to happen – not one day in! I am going to consider the ‘At least once a week’ approach – seems a little more reasonable and I’ll avoid posts like this one.

Goodnight World.