Time is Running Out!

1 Jan

If I’m sticking by my resolution then I have to post within the next twelve minutes (it being 23:48 here on the 1/1/11). However today I have very little to say, having used up my motivation whilst grafting my way through a seemingly long work shift with a sizeable hangover and less than five hours sleep. Many may be impressed. Not even work stopped me showing in the new year with some style.

The rest of my day was spent with the people I love and some friends who make my day, every day. Distance stops me seeing them as much as I’d like and that’s mainly due to this thing they call university. Although every time they come home it disrupts my adjustment to life without education and having them around, but I’d take that every day if it just meant catching up and hanging out, watching bad films and eating good food. My start to 2011, so far, has been a good one and I’m grateful for that.

My next post will be a little more insightful, tiredness calls me back into my bed and the time states I only have a few more minutes left before I break my resolution. But that’s not going to happen – not one day in! I am going to consider the ‘At least once a week’ approach – seems a little more reasonable and I’ll avoid posts like this one.

Goodnight World.


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