Calling; You.

4 Apr

I’ve neglected this blog a little recently but it’s mainly due to the lack of things to report I’m afraid. What can I say to you that you haven’t already been told or don’t already know? I talk quite a lot and I’ve been wondering recently whether it’s something I enjoy doing, as such, or whether its a habitual thing. I think sometimes I talk so much that it doesn’t really matter what words I’m using or what I’m saying as the majority is useless and wasted. Not to say I’ll be changing this ‘habit’ in a hurry, rather just considering making what I speak a little bit less babble and a little more interesting. Maybe I’ll consider the real reasons and think about it all.

So, the same applies here, am I just talking and writing for the sake of it? Does anyone really read what I write and actually understand what I feel, the motions that made me use a certain adjective or express a certain feeling? Can anyone read these sentences and paint a picture of me in their mind. Is this a transparent image of my true self? I could tell you about my day today, my favourite stories, my favourite foods, what I look like or how I feel, but would any of these give an image of what I’m really all about? I sometimes feel so lost within myself. Who am I? I sometimes wonder if anyone could just simply read these words and say “you’re just like me”. Or maybe, you’re this or that kind of person. Or maybe even, you talk too much, you think too much, you post too many pictures.


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