Happy Half Birthday To Me, Happy Half Birthday To Me, Happy…

16 Apr

This year I decided to celebrate my Half-Birthday due to the fact that my real day of birth is going to be celebrated away from home with people I’ve met a few days previous. Due to this fact I’m not planning to spread the fact of when my real birthday is with my new friends, instead I will probably hide away in my new room and sulk.

When I say celebrate I mean actually make a point of noticing it and have a take-away as a treat. Not presents or this;

Although, if anyone decides to give me this at any point of the year, birthday related or not, I will be extremely happy. I find the idea of receiving gifts and having a party, as a few people seem to, a little bit absurd but I think the fact that I won’t be at home for my real birthday justifies the need to make a point of this Half Birthday.


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