Too Many Books Spoil The Broth?

30 Aug

I’ve been in some sort of hyperdrive when it comes to reading lately. I suddenly realised that I was slacking in the reading list that I needed to look into for University and allocated myself ‘Reading Time’ for an hour (or so) every day. However, it seems to have had the opposite effect to the extent that I’ve become immune to the messages and meaning in the words and instead I’m focusing solely on the page count. I’m not being aided by the fact that the texts that I’m reading wouldn’t exactly be described as easy reading and I’ve struggled to try to even enjoy a couple of them (looking at you, Virginia Woolf).

I’m not quite sure when exactly reading started feeling more like a chore than a pleasure but I’m taking a dip out of essential (and a little more complex) reading to something, anything a little less challenging (and hopefully that equals more enjoyable – a correlation that I need to defeat).


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