It’s like the reveal of Superman as Clark Kent, but instead I take the glasses off.

3 Sep

So my brother tells me that if I’m striving to be a writer or working within media in this modern age then I must have a successful blog. I’m not so sure on the successful part, but this blog has been running for a while so perhaps that counts for something. The existence of this exact blog isn’t really known to him – I really do appreciate my anonymity in this regard, in both my internet and ‘real’ lives. But, perhaps it should be? I own a twitter page, a facebook page and although surely I do tailor what I write with the knowledge it is to be read by someone who knows me, I like to think I don’t hide myself within those words. I hope I don’t at least. Here, without anybody having the slightest idea who I am at least everything I say is barrier-less of this sort of self-censor-ism.

So, again, perhaps I should make the move to increase the me in this blog. I’m not suggesting that this isn’t already so self-centred that it makes that idea sound really, really ridiculous. But if you’re following what I’m getting at then I hope you understand what I am rambling about.

In my excuses to my brother and his comment I stated that I didn’t have enough to say. He laughed about that idea claiming I ‘have an opinion on everything’ and I choose to take that as a compliment. So I’m going to try and make this more of a regular thing. Like a public diary/journal, of sorts.  And I’ll work on making it more public and we’ll start right now.

So, for a third time, my name is Rachel and I’m a 20-year-old student. I like reading books that perhaps are a little ‘below’ my degree of English Literature and that don’t even try to masquerade as a classic. I watch way too much TV and most of which is a little bit ‘trash’ and to top that off I like watching films with a lot of action in, but cheesy rom-coms fit the bill also, to be honest I enjoy most films so this comment is a little redundant. I love to see new places and explore a little, flying also excites me massively but that’s also part of my upbringing (and a story for another day). I dislike judging people, eating mayonnaise and goats. I wasn’t what you’d have called an early bloomer in my teens. I’m not exactly what they would have called a bloomer at all to be honest, but I’m pretty much over that. I was obsessed with editing Youtube videos for 3 or so years, a fact that many don’t really know as I was embarrassed about this nerdy-ness. I wish I would’ve got over that lack in self-confidence well before as I should’ve been and should be proud of my little hobby and its 1,500,000 views.

Overall I’m your average human being and pretending to be otherwise is redundant. I have views, opinions, likes and dislikes and I guess I think that I’m unique, but then, aren’t we all. Not especially unique, just not shaped from the cookie-cutter either.



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