6 Sep

Today’s number is 8.


I’ll admit they’re lacking a certain Sesame Street charm, and a few of them look like dodgy rip-offs of my beloved Elmo and Cookie Monster who featured so heavily in my childhood. Who am I kidding, my teens were pretty full of them too. As a joke my parents bought me a Tickle-Me Elmo for my sixteenth birthday. Best. Present. Ever.

So my little love affair with these two happy faces finally made its way into cake form, a form I hope to improve upon but for a first attempt I am quite content. I used white chocolate buttons and milk chocolate chips for the eyes, red butter icing applied with a fork for Elmo and pre-packed icing in a tube for Cookie Monster. Elmo also features a orange skittle nose and a chocolate chip mouth whilst Cookie Monster is aptly stuffing his ‘face’ with half a cookie. This attempt did give me ideas for next time at least – it would be just as easy to buy pre-made cakes or muffins and I’d buy chocolate ones to give the mouths some depth. Sounding all thoughtful here, but I really do find baking and cooking to be really relaxing and if anyone else wants a piece of this then I thought I’d let you know just how easy this was to make and do!


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