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Something’s Changed

20 Jan

I have been very fortunate in my life that by the age of 21 years, I have never lost a significant member of my family. Of course there have been pets, and not to disregard them, but yesterday my Grandad passed away at the age of 75.

I’m not sure what is the correct way to deal with this, and being 300 miles from home andĀ amidstĀ a busy University term doesn’t exactly lend itself to making the situation easier. We were close, closer when I was younger and when I saw him everyday. It was quick, a shock and unexpected for all. I’m emotionally struggling and clearly need time to breathe, release and accept the situation. I can’t help feeling like the outside world is reflecting my emotions.


18/01/13 – taken by myself.

The world that was is now shrouded underneath impenetrable ice and heavy snow. I know it is the world that will be again; the trees and plants still live underneath, they just can’t be as they were right now. Sometimes the harsh reality knocks them down, sometimes it wipes them out, but almost always they merely hibernate and come back fighting in the spring. Until the sun is warmer they won’t be completely free of the elements weighing them down and, like them, I know I am a hibernation away from returning to the life I knew, although it will be one which will have altered significantly. In literature they call this connection between emotions and the weather ‘pathetic fallacy’ and in literature we are taught to make these connections, so perhaps I’m going a little mad or perhaps I need some time away from the books. Perhaps, instead, I should embrace this connection and when the snow melts and the ground thaws, I should take that as my cue to continue with the life I know he had hoped I would lead.


Same Old Jokes

1 Jan

It’s been an age since I last wrote, it definitely was last year…It’s only 16 hours into 2013 and that jokes already unfunny, doesn’t bode well!

I’ve had a marvelously unexciting holiday period, unfortunately this was mainly due to a routine operation I had that left me with a few complications to deal with, one of which left me unable to eat much solid food and so Christmas dinner, i.e. that one dinner of the year where you are allowed to stuff your face, eat things that really shouldn’t go together, that one day we in my family look forward to for a good portion of the year. I may be the only person who has significantly lost weight over the past few weeks rather than put it on,

This next year has a lot to bring in terms of milestones and highlights, travel wise I’m particularly excited about visiting New York City for the second time and making one of my dreams come true by Trekking the Great Wall of China – something I very much need to prepare for physically. I’m also fundraising for the glorious Make-a-Wish Foundation with the trek, so a lot of hard work needs to go into that too.

Big things ahead, anyway, best get back to the books – perhaps succeeding at my degree should be my number one resolution…