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U.G.G.L.Y. – You ‘aint got no alibi…

12 Nov

I haven’t been around for a little while and I’m sorry about that. There’s been some stuff going on and some things that I probably need to talk about, or just get off my chest. But here is neither the time or place.

So, instead I am going to explore an issue almost universal to the westernised world. Something that is questioned on a daily basis, one of life’s great unquantifiable mysteries, perhaps. Yes my friends, I am talking about the wearing of UGG boots.

Today was an average day in England, it rained quite a bit. I’m not adding to the stereotype of the perceived British weather, it’s just true. But what did I see this morning, as I stomped into campus with my thick (heavy-duty) and WEATHER-PROOF boots and umbrella? Around a dozen girls wearing the infamous Uggs and drenching their own feet. One girl was mercilessly standing in a relatively deep puddle and I spent a good while of my journey questioning the point. Now she was going to have freezing cold, drenched feet all day. I mean I know they’re comfortable, but so are socks and they are the worst kind of ‘footwear’ to choose on a clearly rainy day. It’s not like she hasn’t had the precedent of the previous month of RAIN or anything to prepare for today’s clothing choice. Her Uggs were about as good as if I’d chosen a paper umbrella instead of a plastic one.

The UGG Specimen, no known genus. Note the rubber bottom and fully material upper (i.e., not waterproof in any sense).

Clearly it was a long walk onto campus but, regardless, does anyone know why people still wear what are simply slippers masquerading as shoes outdoors? It’s telling that in the boots native Australia they are worn as slippers and nothing else. I know they’re chilled-out down under, but surely they must be onto something, right?

Anyway, just had to air my complete lack at comprehension of these ‘shoes’ (and their hefty pricetag) and I wondered if anyone else shared my concerns over the fate of cold toes everywhere.

And kudos to those who also appreciated awful 90s music and noticed the title – thought it was apt.