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Opportunity’s Fool

24 Jun

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of good times and goodbyes, the frantic last minute attempt to do everything, see everyone, to experience the things that had been put off until “next time” over the last three years. That “next time” has become now, as putting it off ’till later becomes never.

I made it to the Lake District, to the beautiful Grasmere, as a post-dissertation treat and to see a good friend who had moved there. Here life was picturesque and perfect for her, I was overjoyed to find that she had forged a happy life there, and am determined to go back to that very lovely part of the country. Below are a selection of photos I took from the visit and of a walk up to Easedarn Tarn.Image



Not only is University ending for me, but I’m moving 300 miles south. Something I’m even more apprehensive about is that this move is back to the parental nest, a place I inherently love, yet have let go of. To move back is potentially more daunting than the move to University, yet for a very different reason. Studying thrusts so many opportunities into your path, and staying at an institution away from home is a safe expanse to try out this thing called ‘growing up’. However, bringing all this back to rules and rooms I’ve outgrown is asking for trouble. And now experiences aren’t going to be offered on a plate. They’re going to have to be sought and bought, and they’re going to have to play second fiddle to the search for a career and my place in the working world. So what’s next? A holiday to Barcelona, a summer job, potentially(/hopefully) a few interviews and then a very open few months. By the end of 2014 I anticipate I will begin my ‘career’ and I’m hoping to have found my feet, at least to some extent.

Finally, this is a picture I took at my Graduation Ball, the sun setting on an exciting, varied University life. It definitely feels like an end of an era, but I’ve had a really good run here and I’ll miss it terribly.




How Quickly Time Flies

18 May

This blog began as I stared at an expanse of plan-less time ahead of my gap year. Back then I had high hopes for University and the year that was to precede it. It’s funny how I’ve come full-circle now the end of my degree, and student years, is imminent. I am, yet again, facing life without a clear direction. That’s not to say I don’t have plans or hopes and dreams, but there is nothing to direct me here or there. It’s both terrifying and liberating.


I have LOVED being a student. From the opportunities thrown my way to the discounts, life in the University bubble has been pretty fulfilling, and, as that suggests, it’s been pretty chockablock full. I’ve been to China, arranged a city-wide Carnival, edited sections of an award-winning newspaper, helped form an anthology joining my university to one in Juba, South Sudan, and all of this on top of my degree and some other incredible life experiences. I’ve met some incredible people that make me call my student house home (much to my mum’s upset) and who I will treasure as friends forever.


I hand in my final piece of work tomorrow morning, the Dissertation I’ve been crafting for months, and then it is it for my student life. I await the results, become a graduand and then, all going well, a graduate. I know this isn’t a novel experience, and it will be so interesting to see how people move on, away and up from where we are now. But it is, for me now, a very strange experience to be on the brink of both student and, well, unemployed. I’m leaving the place that, for better or worse, currently defines me. 

So, with all this said, I’m going to be posting a lot more. I’ll document finding my niche, exploring the world and working my way into the life I want to lead. I know this blog, as a whole, is a bit random but for the moment I’m just happy to keep espousing (sorry, dissertation brain) my stream-of-consciousness (sorry, English student…or at least I was…where is the line between is and was?) into the void.