Be prepared‘.

It’s the motto of the Scout and Guiding associations and it always pays to plan and think ahead. But in the case of the China trek I’m about to undertake there is a fine line on just how prepared you should, and can, be ahead of the actual trek itself.

For instance, muscle training and increasing exercise stamina is something that should be planned and initiated a few months before the trek itself. Although the walking I will be doing will only be for a week, for someone like myself ( who although active is definitely not in the best shape) it is not enough to just rock up on the wall and begin hiking and climbing. In this case winging it will not be an option.

Wearing in hiking boots is another preparation that should be undertaken well in advance of the trek. I have lost count of the number of times it has been suggested to me that I need to be wearing in my boots everywhere. Although I haven’t taken this seriously so far, the fear of constant blisters alongside miles and miles of walking is definitely pushing me to wear them in now. This is one aspect of preparation that is essential.

However, you can be too prepared. After all in the majority of trekking situation you’ll be carrying a rather hefty rucksack on your back and carrying everything you could ever possibly need, for every single eventuality, in it will not only make walking more difficult but it will slow you down. Paying particular attention to realistic amounts of kit, clothing and miscellaneous items to bring, and relying on washing a few items, is another preparation must.

Check out the recommended kit list for my trek and after all my walking is fully completed I will add a revised and reviewed account, allowing for experience and trial and error.




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